Reuex Industrial Co., Ltd.(Nagoya Antenna)

REUEX Industrial Co., Ltd. have been manufacturing and exporting Ham Radio Accessories with the brand name "NAGOYA ANTENNA" from 1985. Initial we, a group of people enthusiastic in Ham Radio communication, set up a firm starting out business in local market.

VHF UHF Yagi Antenna Manufacturer Taiwan

Reuex Industrial Co., Ltd.(Nagoya Antenna) is a leading manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan, specialized in wide range of VHF UHF Yagi Antenna. Our products enjoy well-reputation by the strict quality request. Reuex Industrial Co., Ltd.(Nagoya Antenna) is your leading industry resource for manufacturers and product information on the VHF UHF Yagi Antenna. We wish to create win-win relationships throughout the supply chain. It is our pleasure to service your VHF UHF Yagi Antenna needs.
Reuex Industrial Co., Ltd.(Nagoya Antenna) achieved a market leader position in the VHF UHF Yagi Antenna and thereby strengthens the company’s position on the electrical supplies market. When our customers purchase our VHF UHF Yagi Antenna, they know they are getting value for their money, with performance, reliability, and quality. Please contact us if you are searching for VHF UHF Yagi Antenna, we will reply to you as soon as we can.