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Company Profile


We, REUEX Industrial Co., Ltd. have been manufacturing and exporting Ham Radio Accessories with the brand name "NAGOYA ANTENNA" from 1985. Initial we, a group of people enthusiastic in Ham Radio communication, set up a firm starting out business in local market.

Years after we become a main OEM and ODM manufacturer. At the same time, to expand our business field and share our experience with global ham enthusiast, we extend our business outside this island. We are working every step to meet consumer's requirements.

Every year our R&D creates new products to satisfy their code for Hams are considerate, loyal, progressive, friendly, balanced & patriotic. We Consent to this code, and in like manners, we supply our products to customers. Doing business is like making friends.

We welcome you to contact us let's enjoy in the world of no limited -- Two Way Radio World.


In United States

Company Name: BAOFENG TECH
Product Support:
Product Sales:
Add.: Arlington, South Dakota, 57212 United States of America
Contact Person: Danny Feemster
Company Name: Cricket Ventures, LLC
Tel. +1-800-584-1445
In European Countries
Contact Person: Alexander Maas
Company Name: MAAS funk-elektronik importeur
Tel. +49 (0) 22 74-93 87-12
Fax. +49 (0) 22 74-93 87-31
Add.: Heppendorfer StraBe 23 . D-50189 Elsdorf , Germany

In Asian Countries
Contact Person: Robertus Aditya
Company Name: tokoradio
Tel. +62 85280020020

Antenna Manufacturer

Reuex Industrial Co., Ltd. has been specializing in producing Antenna for over 25 years, such as Two Way Radio Antenna, Mobile Antenna and Magnet Antenna.  In addition to Communication Antenna, we also provide GPS Antenna, DVB-T Antenna, Stubby Antenna, Microphone Antenna, RF Connector and Speaker Microphone with superior quality.  We also supply Mobile Phone Bracket and Mobile Transceiver Accessories.   If you need Mobile Antenna, Two Way Radio Antenna and Ear Microphone, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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